Entry Level Classes:

Tumble Tots - Ages 18 months to 3 Years 

A parent participation class designed to get your tumbler up and moving, while getting experience on gymnastics events like bars, beams, rings, tumble track, the foam pit and more! A great place to begin for the child that has never taken a class before.  

Busy Bees - Ages 3 - 4 years

Full of movement and fun, our Busy Bees classes start with movement and motor skills (warm ups) and then moves to circuit. Gymnasts will do circuits to learn everything from forward rolls to handstands. Each week includes an extra event - beams, bars or tumble track. 

Moon Spinners - Ages 5 years

In format much like our Busy Bees classes but with more difficult skills (beginning backward rolls & cartwheels - more time on the higher beams - (a bar skill)). 

High Flyers - Ages 6 years 

A beginning place that includes some of the motor and movement skills while spending more time on equipment. Each week will include a warm up, time on Floor to work on rolls, cartwheels, handstands then move to beams, bars or vault. 

Level 1 Girls - Ages 7 - 10 years

Our girls beginning level for 7 to 10. 

Level 1/2 Boys - Ages 7 years & Up 

All Levels Girls - Ages 11 & Up

Instructor Placement Classes: 




Level 2 Girls

Level 3 Girls

Level 4 Girls

Advanced Rec Girls 


Level 2/3 Boys 

Drop in classes