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Dance Classes


NEW! Tippy Toes: Parent Participation Required! A creative movement class combining aspects of Story Book Ballet & Story Book Dance. Explore movement & rhythm, learn dances and stories with the help of scarves, ribbons, beanbags, and more! Taught by Tess Anderson

Story Book Ballet: A Ballet-based class with a dash of the theatrical. Students learn basic Ballet positions, body alignment and poise, while working with props and learning how to sequence dance steps using stories. 

Classical & Modern Ballet: Classical classes focus on the fundamentals of ballet including body alignment, technique, flexibility, and musicality. Each level builds upon the level previous to it. Promotion to Ballet II and III is based on ability, not age. Students new to the program are welcome to request an evaluation by our Dance Director, Tess Anderson.

Our daughter loves her costume from the recital so much, she’ll take off her pajamas and sleep in it!
— Bailey's Mom

Hip Hop: Our high energy, upbeat, and funky street dance class. Classes stress technique and discipline, while encouraging individual style and expression. 

Story Book Dance: A creative movement class blending modern dance, jazz and hip hop. Students explore basic dance movements, body alignment and flexibility while working with props and learning how to sequence dance steps using stories.

Theatrical Jazz: Think Broadway! Think Glee! Our Theatrical Jazz class combines modern dance, lyrical, jazz and hip hop into a class focusing on learning combinations and routines, taught and choreographed by our Dance Instructors!

New Dress Code:

Ballet I - III -- Pink tights, solid color leotards, pink shoes (if you have black, don't panic, dancers can wear black shoes until new ones are required - the goal is everyone in pink by recital in June), skirts, legwarmers, and dance wraps are allowed. Hair MUST be up off the neck and out of the eyes. Buns are preferred, of course.

Story Book Ballet/Dance/Theatrical Jazz/Hip Hop -- Things they can move in with no sharp edges, buttons, snaps, etc. Ballet shoes, soft soled jazz shoes, or socks are just fine - feet need to be able to slide. Hair should be confined so it isn't in their eyes. NO JEANS!!!!

Hip Hop II -- Things they can move in with no sharp edges, buttons, snaps, etc. Students may start in socks, but will move to bare feet. Hair should be confined so it isn't in their eyes. NO JEANS!!!!

Class Information – Please note the changes in our policies effective September 1st 2014

Tuition is due the first week of each four-week session (see Calendar)
45min.  $45     60min.  $55     75min.  $60    90min.  $65

10% discount for siblings and additional classes.
Membership Fee: $40 per family

Membership Fee: There is an annual, non-refundable, Family Membership due upon registration. This membership gives you discounts for Parents’ Night Out, Open Gym, Birthday Parties and Camps. 

Ongoing Enrollment: Enrollment for dance classes is ongoing, in 4-week sessions, throughout the school year. There are 10 sessions which run from September through the middle of June. Enrollment for summer months is not automatic, you will need to reenroll.

Tuition Payments: Tuition is due the first week of each session. Payments not received by the first week of each session will automatically be charged a $15 fee, unless prior arrangements are made with the office. If tuition is still not paid by the end of the second week of the session, student(s) will not be allowed in class, and may be dropped from the program. Pro-Rating classes only occurs upon joining a class after session has started, or if we are closed due to a holiday. 

Adds, Drops & Transfers: All adds, drops and transfers will be effective at the time of written notification to the office staff. If a class is dropped after the next session is in progress, you remain responsible for the full 4-weeks of classes. No Cash, check or credit card refunds will be given. A credit on your account may be offered in the event of an injury or prolonged illness. 

Attendance: Please make sure that your child arrives on-time for their classes to ensure they warm up properly. Instructors go from one class to the next, so please pick-up your child promptly. In case of emergency contact the office to assure your child is supervised until your arrival.

Make-up classes: We do not pro-rate for missed classes or substitute for tuition payments. Make up classes are to be completed within two months of the missed class. All make-ups are forfeited if the student drops from the program. Please make arrangements for makeups with your dance instructor.

The Dance Lobby entrance is at the South West end of the building, under the Dance sign by the mailboxes. Parking is available on the East and South side of the building and on the street.